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Re: New package for review : plone

Aurelien Bompard wrote :

> I've just imported a package for Plone.
> Plone is a powerful Content Management System based on Zope.
> This package is rather simple, it basically copies the files in the Zope
> "Products" directory.
> Please review.

A few comments :
- You should trim down the %description a little, the two first lines have
a problem and some stuff is really not needed, like a quick explanation
about what the GPL does...
- You should consider dropping the Epoch altogether and the one from the
zope versioned requirement.
- You could consider using %{version} in the Source line, it usually makes
life easier.
- My plone package had "System Environment/Daemons" as Group. Dunno which
is best between that and your "Applications/Internet". More thoughts could
be welcome.

Other than that, looks ok, it's a pretty trivial package anyway... unlike
zope itself ;-)


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