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Re: Fedora Extras Package Updates

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005, Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 09:56:40 +0200 (EET), Panu Matilainen wrote:

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, seth vidal wrote:
Some busy packagers today. Lots of new/updated stuff.
     wxPython (x86, x86_64)
     wxPythonGTK2 (x86, x86_64)

Erm, why do we have two packages of the same thing? Please kill the package named wxPython from both the repository and CVS, wxPythonGTK2 *is* wxPython, built with GTK2-support and provides "wxPython" so packages can depend on the the "real" name. It's named like that because we could (at least in theory) provide another package of it built against gtk-1.x (or whatever other widgets it might support) and let the user choose. At least that was the rationale for the naming in original fedora.us packaging :)

It has been pointed out before that wxPython appeared on the fedora.us FC2Status page, meaning that it was NOT rebuilt for FC2 for some reason. Nobody cared to look into it when we discussed which old package directories to remove from CVS prior to the pre-Extras mass rebuild.

Well, you know that I've been "away" from this stuff for a few months until just recently so I simply haven't seen it being pointed out. Now that I've seen it: just kill the "wxPython" package from CVS, please.

Please, everyone, in particular the package owners of these, check out:


The lists at the bottom ("Copied from FC2Status page" and "Unknown
status") cover packages which have not been rebuilt for some time.

Wine can be killed as well, unless somebody wants to step up and maintain it. Would be nice if the folks packaging things for winehq took up the task.

- Panu -

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