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ghc package bootstrapping


GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler), the main-used
compiler of the Haskell programming language,
see <http://haskell.org/ghc/>, is under active
development, and the RC series for ghc-6.4 has
just started.

Gemi originally contributed ghc to fedora.us,
but due to slow reviewing and the bootstrap
requirement, it got stuck in the queue...
Since ghc is a compiler and largely written
in Haskell, it basically needs itself to build.

I just talked to the Debian maintainer of ghc,
and he told me that Debian bootstraps ghc on new
archs with binary packages of his binary ports.
So I would like to add ghc to Extras initially with
the above package based on upstream's installable
binary for Linux/i386 (with configure and a Makefile fwiw).

Warren already took a look at the spec file
but suggested that I post here first before
checking it into cvs because of the bootstrapping issue.


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