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Request for Package: madwifi and wpa

I'd like to request a package for Fedora Extras - madwifi - and
probably wpa_supplicant
I apologize if they have been requested, I seen unable to find where
existing requested packages are.

I'm assuming there is a bugzilla place for these requests where they
are suppose to go, I have not been able to find it (looked at
fedora.us and the link from there to http://www.fedoraproject.org/ -
and did not see it)

I did see a extras as a product at the bugzilla.redhat.com bugzilla,
but did not see how to add a request there.

I do not wish to maintain either of them, but I have a spec file
(attached) for madwifi based on the spec file from
http://pipiche.free.fr/Downloads/Fedora/SRPMS/ that someone could
start with, if they wanted. It may not be up to extras spec file
policy, but I looked in the list archives for what that was, found a
link from earlier this month - and it's 404 -

I changed the spec file to put the tools in /usr/bin instead of
/usr/local/bin - and I changed the name of the kernel module package
to match what rpm.livna.org does with their kernel modules.

The project is still in beta without a stable release yet, hence the cvs nature.

wpa_supplicant has a stable release and is located at

It's a daemon, an init script would likely be needed, I *think* the
init script needs to be started before the wifi card is brought up,
but I'm still reading through the docs (and deciding whether or not
wpa is something I really need where I live - community where parking
on street is forbidden, no thru traffic, big field behind my house
with coyotes, etc.)

I don't believe either has any legal issues, madwifi kernel taints
because of an FCC regulation (though I wonder if that part could be
removed from kernel module and done in userspace).


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