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Re: ghc package bootstrapping

On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 17:59 +0900, Jens Petersen wrote:
>David Woodhouse wrote:
>> There are Debian binary packages for x86_64 and PPC too. Please include
>> both of those.
>When will a ppc port be added to Fedora Core/Extras? :)

I've been running Fedora Core on PPC since FC2. The stated plan is to
include PPC support in FC4 if it looks good enough to ship. I recently
updated my PowerBook from FC3 to rawhide and it certainly does look good
enough to ship -- we just have a couple of mac-related installer bugs to
fix, but once installed it works as well as the other platforms.

So hopefully the answer to your first question, officially, is 'FC4'.

As for Extras, AFAICT the builds for PPC are more organised than the
i386/x86_64 builds. See http://peach.infradead.org/extras/

We even have Modula-3 support and hence cvsup, which x86_64 still
lacks :)

>So while I sympathise I think just using binary tarballs like debian
>to bootstrap ghc for Extras will be easier and good enough.  Once we
>have that in place, we should rebuild ghc completely from source anyway.

Yeah, you're probably right. We can make the RPM both require and
provide something like 'ghc-compiler', and make a bootstrap package
based on the debian binaries which also provides that.


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