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Re: Duplicating packages from Freshrpms

Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote :

> On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 06:35 +0100, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> >On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 23:05:37 -0600, Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
> >
> >> Since I suspect the answer to this question is interesting to others
> >> besides me...
> >> 
> >> Matthias, what is your opinion on moving packages from freshrpms into
> >> fedora-extras? I noticed that imlib2 is in both repositories, but
> >> libcaca (the package I was about to create tonight) is not.
> >
> >This is in CVS:
> Whoops. Sorry. :)

I guess you got confused by the fact that there is no binary "libcaca"
package, since the source one produces one -devel one (with only headers
and static libs) and one caca-utils one ;-)

When everything got merged to start Extras, all fedora.us packages got
precedence, but I then had the few remaining ones that were over at
freshrpms.net, and not yet in Extras, imported.


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
Fedora Core release 3 (Heidelberg) - Linux kernel 2.6.10-1.766_FC3
Load : 1.93 1.31 0.73

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