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Extras Updates

 Sorry for the silence last week. I was at linuxworld and FUDCon and I
was a bit busy. But packages are all built now.

allegro (x86_64)
amarok (i386, x86_64)
apt (i386)
awstats (noarch) - security update
centericq (i386, x86_64)
doctorj (i386, x86_64)
dosbox (i386, x86_64)
fbdesk (i386, x86_64)
fbida (i386) 
gazpacho (i386, x86_64)
glunarclock (i386, x86_64)
gnofract4d (i386, x86_64)
gnome-cpufreq-applet (i386, x86_64)
gtk-qt-engine (i386, x86_64)
hping2 (i386, x86_64)
Inventor (i386, x86_64)
jhead (i386, x86_64)
js (i386, x86_64)
kover (i386, x86_64)
lablgl (x86_64)
libvisual (i386, x86_64)
most (i386, x86_64)
perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder (i386, x86_64)
perl-ExtUtils-Depends (i386, x86_64)
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig (i386, x86_64)
perl-Glib (i386, x86_64)
perl-Gtk2 (i386, x86_64)
perl-HTML-Tree (i386, x86_64)
perl-IO-stringy (i386, x86_64)
perl-String-Ediff (i386, x86_64)
php-pecl-mailparse (i386, x86_64)
php-pecl-sqlite (i386, x86_64)
pth (i386, x86_64)
python-sqlite (x86_64)
rpmlint (i386, x86_64)
sqlite (i386, x86_64) - 
straw (x86_64)
sylpheed-claws (i386)
tkcvs (i386, x86_64)
ulogd (i386, x86_64)
xmlindent (i386, x86_64)

Removed: vice - legal concerns

Just a world full of packages.

Extras info:

Status page:

Follow updates and new packages at:

Report problems at Bugzilla:


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