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Re: DKMS into Fedora Extras

On Mon, 2005-02-21 at 16:43, seth vidal wrote:
> >Has anyone had problems with architecture matching between external
> >kernel module packages and the main kernel package?
> >
> >I did (in Planet CCRMA), albeit a long time ago, and maybe as a result
> >of old versions of apt not doing the right thing. 

[to clarify a little bit: apt would install one kernel arch and
afterwards it would install a different one for the kernel module - all
archs were available, while I never managed to repeat it myself, it
seemed to happen with certain processors only]

> >But it was possible to install a kernel package of, let's say,
> >architecture i586, on top of a i686 kernel. Obviously that does not
> >work. There are no dependencies at the rpm level to keep that from
> >happening. To prevent that from happening again I have both a provides
> >(in the kernel package) and matching requires (in the kernel-module-*
> >packages) so that it is impossible, from the point of view of rpm, to
> >mismatch architectures.
> >
> >Could someone please add this, if deemed appropriate, to the list of
> >requirements when packaging kernel modules?
> Yum will happily install an i586 kernel-module with an i686 kernel if
> there is no i686 kernel-module package available. There's no dependent
> arch relationship b/c kernels and kernel modules.

I think there should be one. You can't install packages if you don't
have their dependencies available, it should not be different for
kernels and their modules. 

-- Fernando

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