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Re: Orphaned Packages - where are the bugzilla pages located?

On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 15:04:06 -0000 (GMT), Gavin Henry wrote:

> Dear all,
> From:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/OrphanedPackages
> I would like to look after:
> librsync
> tidy

Has been taken over by Rex Dieter already according to the Wiki.

> rdiff-backup
> cpan2rpm
> john
> Who do I need to speak to to save these?

Due lack of formal process:

Where the following list of component owners,


lists the e-mail address " extras-orphan AT fedoraproject.org ", just
report back, state your bugzilla account e-mail address, and you can
become the new owner.

For "potentially orphaned packages", to be fair, try to contact the listed
owner one last time, then after maybe 1-2 weeks feel free to report back
and request ownership.

cpan2rpm, john : orphaned

librsync, rdiff-backup : are on the list because the owner, who has been
involved upstream at librsync and is the upstream author for rdiff-backup,
has not updated the rpms for a very long time and has not commented on
bugzilla activity either.

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