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Package Requests

I have some packages I would like to request maintainers for.

The first is gourmet - it is a Python/Gtk2+ recipe manager, I have
been using it with success, although it does crash when attempting to
print. It has one dependency not currently in Fedora or Fedora Extras

The Gourmet homepage is http://grecipe-manager.sourceforge.net/

I already have src.rpm's - though they probably need some polish.

The other is Alexandria - a library cataloguing app done with ruby. It
has a large list of dependencies (mostly ruby related) not in Extras,
I'm still working on getting those resolved and building on my box.
The version of Alexandria in CVS is supposedly much improved over the
current release version, so that might be better to wait until next
release - homepage is http://alexandria.rubyforge.org/

This weekend I'll try to get it all working on my system. I believe
Mandrake Cooker has src.rpm's that may aide in that.

I don't wish to maintain them, I'm not particularly skilled in either
Python or Ruby, and if I was, I do do not have the time to deal with
bugs anyway. But I'm hoping that if I provide src.rpm's that someone
else might be willing to start with those and maintain them, and I'm
certainly willing to provide bugzilla feedback and testing.

Both of these applications are apps that are good for LOTD - which is
my passion (Penguins for the Masses)

My src.rpm's are signed -


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