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Re: netmon_applet

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 16:56 +0000, Gavin Henry wrote:
><quote who="Tom 'spot' Callaway">
>> On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 16:29 +0000, Gavin Henry wrote:
>>>RPMS etc:
>> I'm just now writing the naming standards for rpm, and there are already
>> two "do not do XXX" items in your package. (Not your fault, I can't
>> write these standards fast enough to keep up with new packages)
>This was my first ever RPM ;-)
>OK. Do you have a draft anywhere, as I keep having to refer to the old
>fedora.us guides.

Not yet. :) I'm writing as fast as I can, but its too scattered for me
to publish yet.

>Fine. Do I need to get the authors permission to change his prpgrams name?

You're not changing his program name, just the name of the rpm it is
packaged in.

You can use %setup -q -n netmon_applet-%{version} instead of just %setup
-q to achieve this.

>As this indicates that it was authored by the gnome team, no?

Nope, it just indicates that its a gnome-applet.

>So this tells RPM that it IS still really netmon_applet, but will be
>called gnome-applet-netmon.

Mostly, it just tells yum that it is also netmon_applet, so that users
who have netmon_applet-0.4-1 installed will get
gnome-applet-netmon-0.4-2 as an upgrade.

>> Looking into the package, you don't need to be packaging ABOUT-NLS,
>> COPYING, or INSTALL, since they're all the generic docs. (Also, I'm not
>> sure why ABOUT-NLS is in there, since the applet doesn't seem to be
>> translated).
>I first added those so RPM didn't complain about left over files.

Doesn't complain on my side without them. :)

>> Take the 0.fdr out of the version tag, not necessary for Fedora Extras.
>So it would just be called gnome-applet-netmon? What do I do with the
>Release tag?

The Release tag would simply be the build number for that package,
incremented everytime you make a change, and reset to 1 with every new
version of the software.

So, for you, it would be:

Release: 2

>> Besides all that, it looks good to me.
>Where do I create a new bugzilla entry for this, as it is actaully still
>in  the fedora.us bugzilla?

The fedora.us bugzilla is probably a good place to put it right now,
unless we're switching to bugzilla.redhat.com for this (waits for
someone in charge of bugzilla to speak up).

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