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Re: Package proposal: vnstat

Hi *

Adrian, seems we are once again interested in the same packages... I did
wanted to look into vnstat and package it but did not find the time yet.
Thanks for your work.

Am Donnerstag, den 24.02.2005, 12:03 +0100 schrieb Adrian Reber:
> vnstat: A console-based network traffic monitor
> http://lisas.de/~adrian/rpm/vnstat-1.4-1.src.rpm
> http://humdi.net/vnstat/

Is the crontab entry really needed? Not everyone wants to monitor eth0.
Also if you accidentally create a database as root after install
(because you don't now yet that there is a vnstat user and the cron job)
the cron job will fail cause the database-files are owned by root...

Also the upstream documentation isn't very good AFAIK. The FAQ online
is a bit better -- maybe we should include it? The included file FAQ in
the %docs contains only a link to the faq online. But the FAQ is also
not perfect:

> How should dialup users use vnStat?
> That's all explained at the end of the README.

Missing AFAICS :-( Well, that a upstream problem. But:

> The idea
> is to include vnStat with enable/disable parameters in
> scripts related with the used interface. Example scripts
> can be found from the pppd directory that came with the
> source package.

Maybe we should include those in %doc also? But they also don't use the
vnstat-user :-( Maybe we should get rid of the vnstat user and the
cronjob completely...

If we do that we should ship the INSTALL file also cause there is also a
bit of important info IMHO.

Just my 2 euro cent.
Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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