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Re: Volunteer to maintain a number of packages

Warren Togami wrote :

> Hans de Goede wrote:
> > -tuxracer & freeciv, because I'm a teacher who is trying to get his 
> > students to move to Linux and what do they want? Games! And because I 
> http://projects.planetpenguin.de/racer/index.php
> tuxracer should not be added again.  It should be replaced with ppracer 
> which is considerably better.  Nils Philippsen already volunteered to 
> maintain ppracer, talk to him if you want to take over.

Neat. I was wondering why no one had decided to enhance tuxracer ever since
it completely "stalled", and I'm quite happy to discover that someone
actually did ;-)

I'll be reviewing that package for sure if it's needed!


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