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Re: [Fwd: Creating new extras package for missing xorg-x11 programs]

> These programs include some very small and probably not-frequently-used
> programs: xbiff, xditview, and xeyes.  Mostly I am concerned about
> xbiff, but I thought I'd include the other programs since they are so
> small, so that no one else who wants them will have to go through the
> trouble of building their own extras RPM for them.
> Technically these programs are a part of the X.org software release but
> the Fedora developers have decided to remove them from the base package,
> because their functionality is apparently redundant with some other
> programs available in Fedora Core (but not from my perspective as there
> is no program that does exactly what xbiff does for my purposes).

How about pulling from the freedesktop.org/xapps tree instead? That
would give you much less source duplication...



> Because there has been some suggestion that the X.org team is
> reorganizing the base X11 distribution for the R7 release, it seems that
> any SPEC file that I make now will likely be completely obsoleted at
> that time.

... and it's more likely that your resulting specfile will be useful
even after modularization if you go in this direction. (No guarantees of


Per Bjornsson <perbj stanford edu>
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Applied Physics, Stanford University

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