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Re: packages in pending ok...

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 12:39:28 +0100, Andreas Bierfert wrote:

> dosbox (#2416), centericq (#735) and sylpheed-claws(#2417) in bugzilla.fedora.us 
> got build but wait in pending for someone to verify the build. As I don't have 
> fc{2,1} anywhere to test them I would be glad if somebody could do this...

I can take over doing a rough verification of centericq for FC1/FC2.
Make it the last update for those distributions unless somebody steps
forward and requests ownership of the package for FC2 or FC1. But continue
to keep an eye on security vulnerabilites.

dosbox : seems to start fine, but I found myself unable to enter
the characters '/', '\' and ':' and hence could not mount a new drive
and e.g. try a test .EXE.

sylpheed-claws : since it targets the "testing" repository and given
Sylpheed-claws's nature, I would publish it when it builds. Only caveat,
it may be the last version that can be updated, since GPGME 1.0.1 support
has entered Sylpheed already and once it appears it Sylpheed-claws, we
would need to see whether the old GPGME 0.4.x is enough or whether we need
to upgrade somehow.

In either case, deciding on legacy distributions is something we will need
to discuss in the future. It would be best if contributors with interest
in FC2/FC1 would take over package maintenance or at least the
testing. The publish-when-it-builds method bears a risk.

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