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Re: ANNOUNCE: librsync, rdiff-backup

On Saturday 26 Feb 2005 16:30, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/OrphanedPackages
> The following packages are believed to be without a maintainer for several
> months:
>   librsync
>   rdiff-backup
> The current owner's e-mail address is invalid, and there has not been a
> reply from a new address yet. Package ownership will be transferred
> after a final week of waiting for a reply.
> Gavin Henry <ghenry suretecsystems com> volunteered to take over these
> packages.

Thank you.

> [...]
> librsync implements the "rsync" algorithm, which allows remote
> differencing of binary files.  librsync computes a delta relative to a
> file's checksum, so the two files need not both be present to generate
> a delta.
> rdiff-backup is a script, written in Python, that backs up one
> directory to another and is intended to be run periodically (nightly
> from cron for instance). The target directory ends up a copy of the
> source directory, but extra reverse diffs are stored in the target
> directory, so you can still recover files lost some time ago. The idea
> is to combine the best features of a mirror and an incremental
> backup. rdiff-backup can also operate in a bandwidth efficient manner
> over a pipe, like rsync. Thus you can use rdiff-backup and ssh to
> securely back a hard drive up to a remote location, and only the
> differences from the previous backup will be transmitted.

Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
Managing Director.

T +44 (0) 1224 279484
M +44 (0) 7930 323266
F +44 (0) 1224 742001
E ghenry suretecsystems com

Open Source. Open Solutions(tm).


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