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Re: Package proposal: vnstat

Matthias, Thorsten,

thanks for your feedback. I have made now a new version which can be
found at: http://lisas.de/~adrian/rpm/vnstat-1.4-2.src.rpm

I tried to address most of the points you mentioned:

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 12:55:41PM +0100, Matthias Saou wrote:
> Also, maybe have the cron entry use a sysconfig file with a list of
> interfaces to watch (defaulting to only eth0) would be a good idea?

There is a now file in sysconfig to do the configuration. The cron entry
doesn't now directly call the binary but a script which handles the file
in sysconfig and executes vnstat with the defined options.

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 06:32:24PM +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Is the crontab entry really needed? Not everyone wants to monitor eth0.
> Also if you accidentally create a database as root after install
> (because you don't now yet that there is a vnstat user and the cron job)
> the cron job will fail cause the database-files are owned by root...

In the crontab and in the sysconfig file vnstat is now disabled as

> Also the upstream documentation isn't very good AFAIK. The FAQ online
> is a bit better -- maybe we should include it? The included file FAQ in
> the %docs contains only a link to the faq online. But the FAQ is also
> not perfect:

I have included the online FAQ, the INSTALL file as well as the example
cron and pppd files in %doc.


Adrian Reber <adrian lisas de>            http://lisas.de/~adrian/
"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's 
 even remotely true!" -- Homer Simpson

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