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Re: vice in extras

Warren Togami wrote:
Hans de Goede wrote:

Because I've already asked there and the people of livna concider emulators legally more of a problem then patent encumbered software, since they live in the real free world (iow not the US) they might be right.

Software patents and copyrights are entirely different.


Distributing emulators with copyrighted rom images without permission isn't really gray anymore, but just plain wrong, but what about distributing emulators without any roms.

Take for example xmame (x.mame.net) I know the license alone is enough reason not to distribute it (not for commercial use), but for the sake of the discussion lets pretend it has an osi approved license, since it doesn't come with any roms (the current license even explicitly forbids distributing it together with roms) could we distribute this?

Notice, there are even a couple of roms which xmame can use which have been put in the public domain by their copyright holders.


And what if we could get a written permession from the current copyright holders, I'm willing to try to find who currently owns the copyrights on the cbm roms, if I get a written waiver, could vice since it otherwise has an osi approved license be distributed then?


And what if the current copyright holders can't be found? Commodore has been through a lot of hands?


Please don't get me wrong I may seem to be trying to get Fedora to engage into legally gray activities but thats absolutly not what I want, I just want to establish where legally gray begins. And as a big fan of vintage computing / emulators I would like to get (some) emulators into Fedora Extras if this is legally ok.



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