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Re: vice in extras

On Lun 28 février 2005 9:40, Hans de Goede a écrit :

> Take for example xmame (x.mame.net) I know the license alone is enough
> reason not to distribute it (not for commercial use), but for the sake
> of the discussion lets pretend it has an osi approved license, since it
> doesn't come with any roms (the current license even explicitly forbids
> distributing it together with roms) could we distribute this?

To take a concrete example, I'm pretty sure there are at least a few 100%
free games/demoes for the SNES out there (written by the same people who
did translation work on a original japanese games) but I'm also sure
distribution of any snes emulator even with bundled free roms would invite
instant litigation (even if everyone knew it was baseless, just to harass
console emulators distributors and make sure no one wants to do it)


Nicolas Mailhot

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