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Re: New package for review: aqhbci-qt-tools

Bill Nottingham wrote :

> Contains a setup widget for the HBCI support in gnucash-1.8.10 and later.

After a quick go through the spec :
- The summary probably shouldn't have a trailing dot (needs to be added to
guidelines, no?) to get more uniform output.
- The version doesn't follow the current guidelines (sent a reply directly
to the commits list, whoops)
- Is the "Prefix: %{_prefix}" really needed? This _is_ a relocatable
package or something?
- Having [ "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT" != "/" ] && rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT is useless.
The BuildRoot line makes sure it can't be "/" ever, so rm -rf
$RPM_BUILD_ROOT (or with %{buildroot} ;-)) is enough, shorter and clearer.
- The %defattr should also contain a directory.
- When directories are listed in %files, it's nice to explicitly append a
"/" to identify them more easily.
- There is no %changelog, this definitely should be fixed.

I'm trying to not be too pedantic, but it's hard, sorry! :-)


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