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Mass trivial cleanups for devel branch?


I've just committed changes to a few files (all the ones I could find
affected) that fix the presence of 80 space lines where newlines are
expected, problem usually caused when copy/pasting text inside xterms and
This was definitely something that needed fixing, but now this is something
a bit less important : There are 284 spec files that contain at least one
space to end a line, when it's not needed. So I was wondering what should
be done in this kind of case? With subversion and its atomic commits, I'd
be less troubled since it would mean a single email sent out... but here,
this does mean 284 emails to every single subscriber of the commits list,
for a change that's totally invisible! (all - lines will appear identical
to the + ones! ;-)).

So... does anyone have suggestions about what to do? Have it done once and
for all directly on the CVS server, then be careful from there on? Disable
the mail script for that particular commit? Just not do it?


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