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Re: bug #149713

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 19:53:24 +0100, Michael Schwendt
<bugs michael gmx net> wrote:

> Yeah, and it sucks. Especially if it's a customer of some sort, who
> reports the bug. Some people bought Red Hat Linux boxes, some only
> downloaded it for free. Those who bought the boxes and found a bug, found
> the bug to be in Red Hat's product, a product they paid for. They don't
> care whether Red Hat packaged the software made by some other vendor. The
> inform Red Hat that Red Hat's product has a flaw, and they assume that Red
> Hat has interest in fixing the product or the next version of it.

Yes - if a package maintainer can duplicate the bug but can not fix
it, then the package maintainer should report the bug upstream,
regardless of wether or not the reporter is a "paying" customer or

Very often when a bug is reported upstream, the response from upstream
is "fixed in CVS"
That doesn't do joe user a lot of good, though it may provide a way
for the package maintainer to backport the fix into current - which
DOES the end user a lot of good.


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