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Should I find a sponsor or a maintainer?


I submitted GCfilms application and it has been approved. I thought next
step was to require a sponsor (CLA done and membership to cvsextras
requested). I did so but didn't get any feedback.

I don't know what should be my steps now. Should I only have to wait for
a sponsor? Or should I look for a maintainer that already have CVS access?

Really sorry to disturb you, but maybe something is not clear for me. And
as GCfilms has already been included in other systems (Mandriva contribs,
FreeBSD ports, in progress for Debian and Ubuntu), I'd really like to see
it in the one I use every day, Fedora. So if I am not the maintainer in FE
for GCfilms, it won't be a major issue.

So please let me know about what I should do now.

For information, here is the sponsor request (contains a link to the
application approval):


Thanks a lot for your attention,

Christian Jodar.

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