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Re: package submission policy question

On Tue, 31 May 2005, Michael A. Peters wrote:

> A private e-mail from a packager I highly respect expressed some
> concerns relating to two package I requested for review
> sword (and by extension gnomesword)
> The concern was two-fold:
> 1) the nature of the software could be seen as religious
> efforts/campaigns

Really, sword's just a text viewing api that's basically content-agnostic 
(and there are non-scriptural texts available in the XML / XHTML markup 
formats it supports) but which has some features that are most widely used 
by people studying scriptures (side-by-side translation comparisons, 
linking to concordances, etc.)

> 2) the title of the software, sword, could invoke negative reactions
> from some people

so could "suck", which is shipped ;-)

*shrug* sword's not software I use, but I don't see any reason it 
shouldn't be available for those who would like it.


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