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Successful build means it is available for users?


First of all, many thanks to Ignacio who sponsored me. Now I can deal with
Makefiles and Unix tools, so I should have less questions for you as this
a familiar environment for me ;)

But I still have one.

I requested build with the make build target (really easy to use) and I got
the reply message telling me everything is OK. Does this mean that the RPM
will be available to end users on Fedora Extras repository? i.e. we could
find it on such a page:


Is there a synchronization delay between the build system and the repositories
servers? Or maybe intermediate actions are needed.

Actually, what I'd really like to have is a documentation explaining all the
process made behind the scene. Is there something like that? I didn't find one
on the Wiki. It is mainly just because I am curious.


Christian Jodar.

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