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Request for Review : gourmet

This package is a PyGTK application for managing recipes
I've been using for about 5 months or so now - really neat, it not only
manages recipes but it generates shopping lists too - you can pick your
meals for the week (or day or whatever), choose add to shopping list, go
to shopping list, move stuff you know you have off, print - and go

It uses its own recipe database format, but can import/export to a
number of formats - including Meal Master. This is the kind of app that
imho is critical to "LOTD" and in the home. Easy to use and makes common
tasks easier.

I submitted this earlier, got feedback, but never an explicit approval.

Changes since last submit:

1) upstream version bump
2) I submitted my patch upstream and they incorporated it, no longer
3) tested build in mach
4) got an imac (used) just to have a pretty computer in my kitchen for
this ;)


Notes for Reviewers -

1) I have a Requires: PyRTF
It technically does not _require_ PyRTF - but with PyRTF installed, it
can export to rtf.
I put the requires in because it's a small package, and rtf is a nice
for this sort of thing.

2) upstream distributes with already generated .mo files.
I think it is better for them to be generated at build time, so I delete
them and explicitly generate them.

3) upstream gourmet.desktop file has a . at the end of the description
lines - which looks funny when the mouse is over the app in the menu
because no other fedora apps (I know of) do that. so I remove them with
a sed.

4) Group:		Applications/Productivity
That I'm guessing is wrong.

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