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Re: Request for review: rxvt-unicode

Andreas Bierfert wrote:
On Thu, 02 Jun 2005 15:37:29 +0200
Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> wrote:

Erm, the %{version}-%{release} tags should be behind your email on
the same line, not on a line by itself. (AFAIK)

Don't know about that. My name and hence my email is to long so I
think its better to have lines < 80 then putting the version in the
same line. Thats how I do it on my other specs as well...

Besides that looking good, don't forget to tell lemenkov newmail ru

He got an email from me this morning... will write him again...

that you've also done an attempt (very simular to his) and that
you're cgoing to import it into CVS and get it build.

If somebody approves I will import/build it asap...


I'm not on the list to which approves should be sent, one last note about the spec. Are you sure are options are safe to enable, I though some we're better left disabled, see the docs.



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