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Preventing a noarch package from entering certain repos

Again, stuff related to uqm-content:

uqm is not 64-bit clean, so I've excluded 64-bit archs in it.  So far so
good.  But what about uqm-content?  It's noarch, and really _is_ noarch
data, but it does not make much sense to ship it in the x86_64 repo
while the main uqm package isn't there.

So, I can leave uqm-content as noarch, and add ExcludeArchs there too.
But that will only prevent building the package on the excluded archs,
and since I gather noarchs are only built on i386 and then copied over
to others, this wouldn't prevent it from entering the x86_64 repo again

On the other hand, I can remove noarch, but it feels incorrect, because
the data _is_ architecture independent.  And by doing that the resulting
packages could no longer be hardlinked in the repo, and we're talking
about a couple of hundreds of megabytes here.

Or I can leave them as-is, and just ask repository maintainers to remove
them from the x86_64 repo and not to copy it there again until further

What do you think would be the best approach?

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