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Re: x86_64 status (was Re: Errors on x86_64 (broken c++ headers?))

Michael Schwendt wrote:

On Tue, 17 May 2005 12:20:24 -0500, Quentin Spencer wrote:

On May 12, seth vidal wrote:


no it means we have to fix the buildroot creation so for x86_64 there
are no i386/i686/etc packages allowed.

I'm working on making that easier now. bear with me.

Any update on this yet?

I believe the trick to avoid this error is to not specify redundant
Buildrequires "libstdc++-devel gcc-c++". The "cone" package managed
to build with those BR removed. "octave" build request has been
submitted, too.

Yes, I noticed you made the change. Thanks for catching that. The BuildRequires had been that way in core for a long time and it never occured to me that it was causing the problem. Are there docs anywhere that say what exactly is guaranteed to be in a build environment and therefore don't need to be explicitly listed in the spec file? (Apparently the c++ stuff in the past had to be required explicitly, but now it does not?)


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