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Re: x86_64 status (was Re: Errors on x86_64 (broken c++ headers?))

Matthias Saou wrote:

seth vidal wrote :

I wonder how many times I'm going to have to say this:
Yes, I know that installing both packages is causing problems for some
packages to be built. Yes, this is, ultimately, resolved in mock for
simple reasons. No, I've not had enough time to get the rest of it
implemented and up and running.

I understand, seth :-)
What I should have said a bit clearer is : I don't think removing those
explicit build requirements is a really good idea, but above all, it
shouldn't be considered the solution to this problem.

Consider it a temporary solution to get a package released so I can stop answering questions on the octave mailing list about "where's octave in FC4" etc. I understand everyone's busy. When this problem is fixed, I'll reverse the changes. Please inform the list when a fix is installed on the build system--octave will be a good test case.


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