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Re: Package review requested: mock 0.2 and yum-utils 0.2

> I know this is the "Extras mantra" but why exactly are they useless?

Not only does the buildsystem set a buildroot, but it is also set in the
spec file itself.

> Clearly it'll make no difference to the Extras buildsystem but if
> someone just downloads the SRPM and then tries building it like this for
> some reason:
> # rpmbuild --rebuild --buildroot / some.src.rpm
> (yes I know that would be a stupid things to do, but people do stupid
> things)

Well, neither can we prevent users from doing:
# rm -rf /

Why on earth would they add the "--buildroot" switch ? Your concern would be
valid if we expected users to do more than the bare minimum (which they
usually do), but that is different, you're expecting users to *add* a
deliberate mistake.
On top of that, string testing in the spec file is useless. What if the user
adds a "--buildroot //" switch ? There are many ways to mess up a system
when you're root.

I don't think there is a risk, and those tests only clutter up the spec
file. Just KISS.

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