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Re: New package: fpc-2.0.0

Hi Jens,

> Sorry for the slow follow up.

No problem. I'm not always that fast either.

> >>It doesn't seem to build completely on x86_64, since
> >>the libs are installed in /usr/lib and not /usr/lib64.
> > I've tried to fix that. Couldn't test it though, I don't have regular
> > access to a x86_64 machine.

> Thanks.  Unfortunately it still isn't fixed -
> perhaps you can try to track down the problem by overriding
> _libdir yourself when building for i386.

Now it's seems to be fixed. I've overrided _libdir, and someone else
tested it for me on FC4-test3 on an AMD-64

> >>- "examples/" seems to be too big to include in the main package:
> >>   I recommend either excluding it or at least moving it to a -doc
> >>   subpackage
> > 
> > I removed the examples and will make a -doc subpackage. Only thing is
> > that that package must contain the full fpc-sources since the examples
> > are spread throughout the sources. Is that ok?
> How big will that make the -doc package? :)

I've changed the fpc.spec so that it now includes a doc and a src-
subpackage. The doc-package contains the documentation in .pdf format
and the examples. The src-package contains the source of the compiler
itself. Some editors/IDE's for freepascal need those sources.

I don't know if you like this approach. One problem is that the packages
are build with an architecture, while they should be 'noarch'

> >>- (It would be nice if upstream could simplify building and installing
> >>    without the setup.sh script?:)
> > 
> > Which script do you mean?
> I mean just "configure; make; make install" rather than calling half a dozen
> make targets... more of an upstream rfe I suppose though. :)

It's possible to do a simple 'make all', but that's slower, you can't
strip the debuginfo, and the libraries aren't ready for smartlinking.

I have two versions now, one without the -doc and -src packages:

and the one with those packages:

  Joost van der Sluis

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