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Re: Request for Review: libevent

José Pedro Oliveira wrote:
Paul Howarth wrote:
However... given that rpm 4.2 shipped way back with RH9, and the current
extras system doesn't support anything older than FC3, is this something
that should be done as standard? I personally like to maintain as much
backwards compatibility as possible, but many things in extras seem to
assume that things started with FC3. For instance, the perl module spec
template uses MODULE_COMPAT, which doesn't work with RH9 or older perls.

Yes it does.  For RH8 and RH9 just install the package
perl-forward-compat available in te fedora.us mirrors.

OK so I picked a bad example. The question remains though, how much backwards-compatibility should extras packages include? I expect it's mostly a decision for each package maintainer, but what should be (are?) the guidelines?


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