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New Packages: python-ezpycrypto, python-pam


A couple packages for initial review/approval.  Let me know what issues
you may see:

Both of these were built and tested on FC3.

* python-ezpycrypto:

This is a python wrapper around python-crypto.  Its goal is to abstract
the details of the Crypto module and provide a simple, easy to
understand python API.  It presents a Key object to the programmer that
has methods to import/export keys, encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify, and
work with IO streams.

* python-pam:

This is a C module to provide python bindings to PAM.  I recently had to
hack on this to get this module as included with RHN Sat to actually
work.  I've done enough work with it that I feel comfortable supporting
a package of it.  I've seen it used in several projects out there, but
the upstream project looks unmaintained.
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