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Re: Review: perl-DBD-SQLite (CPAN URLs)

Michael A. Peters wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 15:12 +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>>On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 22:20:02 -0700, Michael Peters wrote:
>>>On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 13:48 -0700, Michael Peters wrote:
>>>>Thank you - I will fix it.
>>>I have updated the spec file.
>>>OK - not really, I started from scratch using the Fedora template, which
>>>I believe solves all of the critiques (and modified my .rpmmacros for
>>>the packager tag).


Just a small note about the CPAN modules URLs: it would be better
to use the following URL


instead of


for the following reasons:

  i)  no author/maintainer in the URL
      sometimes the author/maintainer changes

 ii)  no module version in the URL
      CPAN doesn't keep every version released. From time to time
      old versions are deleted, which invalidates the URL.

iii) you always see which is the latest version available ;)

José Pedro Oliveira
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