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Build system problem?

I just submitted a build request for octave and I very quickly got back
a failure notice. Looking at the failure log, the result was unlike any
I had seen before. I've attached part of it below. Is anyone else
getting this?


Installing group 'minimal' ...........................error:
/usr/sbin/mach-helper yum --installroot
/var/lib/mach/roots/fedora-4-x86_64-core -c
/var/lib/mach/states/fedora-4-x86_64-core/yum.conf groupinstall
build-minimal failed.
Setting up Group Process
Setting up Repos


Passing package list to Install Process
Parsing package install arguments
Resolving Dependencies
--> Populating transaction set with selected packages. Please wait.
---> Downloading header for glibc to pack into transaction set.
[Errno 4] IOError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
Trying other mirror.
Error: failure: glibc-2.3.5-10.x86_64.rpm from core: [Errno 256] No more
mirrors to try.

ERROR: Could not get build-minimal

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