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Re: Re: Blender 2.37, spec and srpms

> Okay, I've figured out your problem.  You aren't using the upstream
> tarball.  The last Compton release used a blender that installed into
> the standard %{name}-%{version} directory structure.  The current
> blender instals to %{name}.  From the tarball you listed in your
> previous post, it appears you created a new tarball with a
> %{name}-%{version} directory structure and left the upstream %{name}
> directory structure as well... except empty.  This is why rpm isn't
> erroring out with a more informative message about directory not
> found.... instead it can't find the files it expects to operate on.
> What you're going to want to do is either:
> 1) Use the blender built in the buildsystem.  They're in the fedora
> extras repository now for FC4 and FC3.
> 2) Redownload the pristine blender tarball and the spec file from cvs.
> Rebuild with that.
> -Toshio
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You are right. That was the problem. I will try use either later and
post the result later.

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