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Re: Package question - pyGames ...

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 14:14 +0200, C.Lee Taylor wrote:
> Greetings ...
> 	Been looking at some of the little and easy Python games made with 
> pyGame lib and would like to package a few and have them in Fedora 
> Extras ... While going through some of the docs in wiki regarding 
> packaging, I seem to miss a few things, which I'm hoping I might be able 
> to get some help with.
> 	A little game called Adventures on Planet Zephulor from 
> http://games.hollowworks.com/index.php
> 	Which I have started to try and package, but I have a few questions ... 
> I see with other repos that have create pygame packages, they make multi 
> arch packages, but I would think that with python, one should be able to 
> make just noarch packages ... Maybe this has something to do with pyc 
> file or something ... Really just a beginner at this ...

most python apps are in fact noarch - there is a template specifically
for python apps in /usr/share/doc/fedora ( if you have
fedora-rpmdevtools installed)

> 	My spec and srpm ...
> 	http://www.leenx.co.za/rpms/zephulor.spec
> 	http://www.leenx.co.za/rpms/zephulor-0.9b-0.src.rpm
> 	Could I get some feed back on this.  Once I have a basic idea, I would 
> like to add some of the really nice pygame games to Fedora Extra.  Maybe 
> somebody could put a little something into the wiki for python packages 
> other than "Addon Packages (python modules)" ...

The fedora-rpmdevtools package has a template spec file that should be
used as a starting point for python applications.

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