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Re: Re: Blender 2.37, spec and srpms

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 01:13 -0800, luya jpopmail com wrote:
> I have tested the built package. It worked succesfully. Btw, Blender also have a separate application
> for rendering called Yafray (Yet Another Free Ray Tracing). A possibility is to either integrate it
> with Blender or to provide a separate package. Any point?
If it's a separate tarball the ideal solution is to package it
separately.  Probably the only thing lacking to getting this packaged is
a volunteer who has the time to package it.

> I would like to thank you for helping me building blender package. I have learned a lot during that
> process.

Great.  Perhaps you are becoming knowledgable enough to submit a package
for yafray yourself.  Be prepared to do a lot of work when people
coment, though!


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