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Re: Merging in CVS

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 21:05 +0200, Ralf Ertzinger wrote:
> Hi.
> John Dennis <jdennis redhat com> wrote:
> > Easy solution for a select subset of cases. But be aware it won't handle
> > new or obsolete files and it will nuke important parts of the spec file
> > that need to be preserved.
> The -N takes care of new files.

Only in the diff, its not going to add them to the repository. 

> What parts of the spec file will be nuked, and why?

Two different trees (e.g. FC-3, FC-4) have different revisions and
changelogs in the spec file. At an absolute minimum you need to
specially handle these so the changelog is preserved adding only one
entry for the merge you just did and then revision has to be custom

If you don't do these two things you'll end up with two identical rpm's
in two different distributions which violates packaging and distribution
guidelines. Losing per distribution change history is not good practice,
some needs to be able to look at the change log for the distribution and
see the history within that distribution.
John Dennis <jdennis redhat com>

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