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Re: New package Tesseract Trainer needs packager

I've written a package called Tesseract Trainer.  It appears to work and is
getting a reasonable response here:


The problem is that I don't have time to go through Fedora's submission
process myself, as I'm going to be writing more stuff.  I'm trying to
pioneer a new era of 4D gaming, which is a tall order at the best of times.
So, if somebody would like to package it for me I'd be very grateful.
Hopefully it's a case of taking the Mandrake .spec file and Fedora-ising it.
If you fancy the job, a selection of source packages can be found at

that package being shareware pretty much precludes it from being part of

Sorry I should have mentioned. It's not real shareware - the licence is GPL. Is there anything else I need to do to make it Fedora-friendly?


Andy S.
Mushware Limited
andy southgate mushware com

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