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Re: New package Tesseract Trainer needs packager

Thanks for the replies.

What's missing here are the BuildRequires.

BuildRequires is one of the things that gives me problems for the 'generic' RPM. Each distro seems to have different names for things. The last time I did this I found these:

Redhat 7.3:
BuildRequires: gcc-c++,glibc-devel,glut-devel,libstdc++-devel,XFree86-devel,pcre-devel,expat-devel,libungif-devel,libtiff-devel,SDL-devel,smpeg-devel,libogg-devel,libvorbis-devel,SDL_mixer-devel

Mandrake 8.2:
BuildRequires: gcc-c++,XFree86-devel,libMesaGLU1-devel,libMesaglut3-devel,libpcre0-devel,libexpat0-devel,libungif4-devel,libtiff3-devel,libSDL1.2-devel,libalsa1-devel,libesound0-devel,libsmpeg0.4-devel,libogg0-devel,libvorbis0-devel,libSDL_mixer1.2-devel

SUSE 8.0:
BuildRequires: c_compiler,libc,glutdev,XFree86-devel,sdl-devel,smpeg-devel,libogg-devel,libvorbis-devel

Is there any way around this, or is it necessary to maintain one BuildRequires per distro?

rm -f %{RUNFILE}


echo #!/bin/sh > %{RUNFILE}
echo cd %{_datadir}/%{name}/system >> %{RUNFILE}
echo exec %{_bindir}/tesseracttrainerbinary >> %{RUNFILE}
chmod 0755 %{RUNFILE}
echo #!/bin/sh > %{RUNFILESAAFE}
echo cd %{_datadir}/%{name}/system >> %{RUNFILESAFE}
echo "exec %{_bindir}/tesseracttrainerbinary \"load('start_safe.txt')\"" >> %{RUNFILESAFE}
chmod 0755 %{RUNFILESAFE}

(***)... rather include these two files as source files and install them in %install.

This is so that the binary (in e.g. /usr/bin) knows where the application data is (in e.g. /usr/share/tesseracttrainer-0.1.4). The scripts just cd to the datadir and runs the binary with datadir as cwd. I didn't want to put these into source files as the source tar.gz doesn't really 'know' about %{_bindir} and %{_datadir}, which are more a property of the distro than of the (common to all distros) tar.gz. However it's not nice If you have a better way I'd like to hear it.

Andy S.

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