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Re: Review: perl-DBD-SQLite


> ...
> I will fix the few things that people mentioned and upload a new src.rpm
> to my webspace, but I am no longer for the time being going to request
> inclusion in extras. I'll leave the src.rpm up if someone else wants to.
> The reason is twofold:
> 1) I think that I think it should link against the installed SQLite
> rather than include its own.
> I will try to work on that this summer and see if upstream will accept
> it as a configure option. That seems to be in line with the stated fc5
> goals on the wiki as well, as it reduces the risk of a security patch
> going un-noticed.
> 2) The package I want that depends on perl-SQLite is probably not going
> to be ready until after fc5 is released anyway, so my need for this
> package is no longer pressing issue.

Feel free to upload it to the Extras' CVS.  I don't mind maintain it
temporarily (if that's ok with you) .

José Pedro Oliveira
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