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Re: Request for review Glide3 (newer upstream) x86_64 compile wanted

Hans de Goede wrote:
Hi all,

I've been busy getting Glide3 in a state where it can be maintained for the long run. As such I've been integrating the big pile of fixes it needed upstream, and switched to a new upstream release.

This really needs some testing, what I would like is:
-some one to build the SRPM on x86_64 redirect stderr to a file (2>
 log) and send me the output. I've intergrated the 64 bit fixes in the
 current package upstream, but there is new code upstream and support
 for more (older) 3Dfx which need 64 bit cleaning. Fixing all the
 warnings should be a good start. (If it compiles at all :)
-people who still have a 3Dfx card todo testing
-review of the specfile since it has changed from autotools to make
 (no more autotools support upstream)

The new SRPM can be found at:

And then follow the SRPM link (no direct linking allowed because of freehosting provider)

If someone can give me a shell on an x86_64 that would be great, or a howto on easy setting up a x86_64 crosscompile environment for testing.

Thanks & Regards,


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My freehosting provider nukes files bigger then 1Mb after they've been uploaded, instead of failing the ftp transfer.

They must have been talking to my (paid) isp who gives plenty of quota but doesn't allow files over 1 Mb GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

While I'm begging for accounts, can someone give me some descent ftp space anywhere? Thanks!

No reviews possible for now as I don't have any ftpspace to put the SRPM (grr).



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