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Bad (obsolete) PR/advertisement on fedora website

Hi all,

I just saw the (great) FC4 announcement / pressrelease on lwn.net. Amongst other things it states:


One of Fedora Core's main objectives is to serve the needs of
community developers, testers, and other technology enthusiasts who
wish to participate in and accelerate the technology development
process.  But you know what?  We aren't exclusive. We want you
involved, too, whoever you are:


You might surprise yourself.


But that webpage is so outdated, it mentions that in the future we will have CVS, but for now all you can really do is file bugs.

While Extras is up and running fine except for anaconda & friends intergration.

This page (and the whole of fedora.redhat.com) really need updating. We want more volunteers don't we?



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