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Re: Upate to Package: Liferea

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 13:17:42 -0400, Greg Douglas wrote:

> Hi Folks.
> > I am not certain if this is an appropriate approach for this, and 
> > apologize in advanced if this causes any problems, but I would like to 
> > propose the following update to a more recent version of the Liferea 
> > software.  I believe that Liferea already exists on Extras.  Fedora 
> > has not had an update to this software since January, and a more 
> > recent version does indeed exist.

FC4 Extras has liferea-0.9.2-1, seems the version for FC3 is older,
but in Fedora Extras CVS it is newer already.

> > I have attached the .spec file, and can send the src.rpm file if it 
> > can proceed. The src.rpm passes rpmlint without any comments.
> >
> > This is my first time applying for a package, therefore I will need a 
> > sponsor for CVS.  I do have an account with Red Hat Bugzilla.
> >
> > If there is currently no maintainer for this package, I am certainly 
> > willing to take it on.

Liferea in Extras does have a maintainer. I assume FC3 has not seen an
update due to Liferea's experimental nature, which has introduced
regression and "brown paperbag bugs" a few times in version upgrades, and
therefore the 0.9.2 version has been tested in Fedora Development some
time first (and could be pushed to FC3 now, too).

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