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Request for review: annodex and friends


I just imported four src.rpm's for the annodex stack.  annodex
(http://www.annodex.net) is a very cool project that aims to bring
hyperlinked media to the web - think of it as "surfing video".

These packages build nicely with mach on FC4 for both fc3 and fc4
extras.  There is one "tweak" in the libannodex spec file which changes
a security context option on the library.  Without this, httpd refuses
to start up after installing mod_annodex.

The reason is that libannodex's text area is not relocatable (or
something, I'm just parroting here).  This might be fixable in the
library itself as well, which I'll check for.  But in the meantime, the
chcon in %post settles it.

The rpm names are liboggz, libannodex, libcmml, and mod_annodex.


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