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Re: Changelog and new version of upstream

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 00:26 +0200, Christian Jodar wrote:
> Hello,
> Just a small question about %changelog section. When RPM is updated only to
> follow new version of upstream package, what should contain the %changelog
> section? Only a small message telling it's using a new source, or a list of
> changes in the application?
> For end user, second solution seems to be better. But it could imply long
> changelog section. And as it is truncated most of the time when displayed
> (as with repoview), it is not so useful.
> Another question. Is there a need for a review/approval before committing
> and requesting build when only the upstream package has been changed?

Universal practice is just to say "Update to x.y.z". You might want to
add notes about particular bugs fixed 

 Update to x.y.z (Fixes #51342, #54143)

Or even

 Update to x.y.z (Greatly improves handling of purple zebras.)

But trying to actually tell any fraction of what changed upstream isn't
useful and will quickly lead to extreme %changelog bloat.
%changelog really is about changes to the *packaging*.


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