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Package Review Process Proposal

Package Review Proof of Concept

I have created a new product in our production Bugzilla called "Fedora Extras Package Review".
When clicking on the link, the user gets a stripped down version of a entry form with just 
a few required fields represented. Platform, Cc, URL, Summary, and Description. The values
would be similar to the what was being entered into review requests at fedora.us. The review
requests can have assigned to, qa contact and initial cc members just like and other Bugzilla
component. These can be some sort of package-review-list mailing list or fedora-extras-list,
whichever. Once the new report is submitted, there are several new status flags which only
display for package requests specifically. These are currently:

Name            Description
extras‑legal    Package reviewed for any known legal issues or licencing problems.
extras‑review   Package review request picked up and in progress.
extras‑cvs      Package imported into CVS properly.
extras‑approval Package approval for inclusion in the Fedora Extras project
extras‑fc3      Package approval for inclusion in the FC3 version of the Fedora Extras project.
extras‑fc4      Package approval for inclusion in the FC4 version of the Fedora Extras project.

These flags can be set to a '?' state which means that the flag is requested for update by
one or more reviewers. They are listed in order that I think the review process should flow
but the order can be adjusted. Each flag can have a default cc list that gets notified when the
flag has been set to a requested state. Also the owner of the request can input a bugzilla
user specifically that he wants to get the flag request. Once the reviewer passes the flag
they set it to '+' (granted). If the flag topic has a problem, they would set it to '-' 
(denied). Also something I would like to add is when a request is submitted, certain flags
automatically transition to a '?' state but this is not yet implemented.

There is a query interface one can go to view all requests that have a flag set to '?' (requested)
and also filter on flag name, requester, requestee, product, and component.


Each flag also can have permissions wrapped around them where only certain flags are visible to
certain groups, are only requestable by people in certain groups, or only certain people can 
grant/deny the flags. We can create a group of people 'package-reviewers' that are the only ones
who can alter the flags if needed. 

Once a request has all the appropriate flags set to a successful status, the request can be closed
or placed in to a interim state where Bugzilla can automatically add the new component to the 
Fedora Extras product or other necessary actions.

An example package request:

That's the basics right now. Will document more as I think of it. Let's discuss ;)


David Lawrence <dkl redhat com>
   Red Hat Quality Assurance
www.redhat.com   ftp.redhat.com

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