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Re: Apt not working on new Fedora core 4?

>>>>> "JA" == Jens Andersson  writes:

JA> Hi it looks like the apt mirrors for fedora core 4 is not made
JA> yet.  In the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mirror-select.list

JA> has anyone gotten apt to work on the new fedora core 4?

According to Warren's post on this thread:


It appears that apt-get is now deprecated, and given that he was the
one actually running the apt repository, I'm guessing that it's
unlikely to start again.  It would have been nice, however if there
was some official announcement of that the fact that apt was not be
supported for >FC4 to give people time to transition to the new yum
repository, rather than have it simply not appear.

Like many people, I have grown comfortable with apt and synaptic, and
there is still no GUI tool as powerful as synaptic for querying the a
repositories (e.g. listing all orphaned packages).  yum and yum-utils
can do probably 80-90% of what apt can do and I also understand the
arguments that apt is possibly reaching the end of it's life and no
has no real upstream maintainer, I just wish that in the GUI realm
there was something as powerful as synaptic to replace it.

I guess no semi-official apt does not preclude third parties creating
their own repositories.  i.e. Dag and freshrpms have it for the base
FC4 os and FC4 updates, but not Fedora Extras 4.  

Does livna packages for FC4 still support apt?


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